Election Message from Kris Vissers

Dear Founding Fathers, dear Council members, dear ExB members, dear candidates for the WIP ExB elections:

I`m really impressed and grateful for this exceptional election of WIP.

  • All candidates for election are very well respected colleagues, with a high expertise in their field of pain practice, and all strongly want to serve WIP`s mission.
  • All Council members except one, (35/36) voted within due time, which is unique in the history of WIP demonstrating a high interest and attention of our Council members.
  • The voting process was highly skilled supported by our Executive Office with a very high skill and leadership.
  • The voting process gave a lot of inspiration to all of you, giving time for introspection and questioning about what is each other’s role in the mission of WIP.

WIP needs all of you to establish further its mission, independently, if you are elected or not for the WIP ExB. We do have a lot of committees in which you can serve and help WIP to grow and become stronger.

Therefore, first in name of the whole Executive Board and all the members of WIP, I would like to thank all the candidates for this election 2017 for their willingness and their leadership. Your expertise, wisdom and insights are of the highest value for our society!

For those who are not elected: thank you even more! We are sure that the committees where all of you are strongly involved will be happy that you will further serve the mission of your committees and that you bring the projects of these committees to further growth and visibility!

For those who are elected:  in name of the ExB and of all our members: first of all our congratulations. Secondly, we hope that you all will give your highest leadership, expertise and your personal availability to WIP`s mission. Becoming a Board member involves a lot of responsibility for each elected person and requires a total availability to our next president.

Our patients and society needs WIP`s leadership to improve the quality of their lives!

Thanks to all of you and your members.

Kris Vissers

Your president


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