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Interventional Pain Procedure Video Library
 Welcome to the World Institute of Pain Interventional Pain Procedure Video Library. 

These videos encompass anatomic dissections, patient interviews, and demonstrations of procedures associated with the head and neck, thorax, lumbar, and pelvic regions of anatomy.  Specific techniques include: sphenopalatine ganglion block, stellate ganglion block, cervical ESI, cervical facet block; T2, 3 sympathetic block, splanchnic nerve block, thoracic epidural catheter placement, thoracic facet block; lumbar sympathetic block, lumbar selective nerve root block, lumbar discography procedure, lumbar facet block; hypogastric plexus block, caudal neuroplasty, sacral nerve block, and sacroiliac joint injection.
From here you will be able to purchase instructional videos three different ways.
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For options 2 and 3, once your order is completed, you will receive an email from our administrator directing you to a link for your download(s) and/or stream(s).

Downloading and streaming is recommended only for users with reliable high-speed internet access.
Please contact Mr. D. Mark Tolliver, MA if you have questions or require assistance with the purchase options available.  Thank you