A Message from WIP President, Prof. Dr. Giustino Varrassi

Since May 1, 2019, I have the
honor of keeping my tenure as
President of the World Institute
of Pain (WIP). I am conscious of
the tremendous responsibilities
this honor brings and overjoyed
that this position allows me to
continue my life's work of
furthering pain medicine and
the treatment of pain patients. 

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Annual Reports Annual Report 2012
World Institute of Pain (“WIP”) was conceived in 1993 for the purpose of alleviating disparate standards of pain practice through better physician educational opportunities and practical training programs oriented towards interventional pain practice. Throughthe constancy of mission,WIP has solidified its recognition among practitioners, scholars, and industry as a global symbolof excellence. WIP’s mission is realized throughthe unification of physicians, scientists, and industry specialists who believe that working together in the global arena more can be achieved for the greater good of all mankind.

Through the global network of WIP, member and non-member physicians, lay persons, and industry supporters of WIP programs, optimize the exchangeof cutting-edge scientific evidence and clinical practice experience in interventional pain practice.

Through the official magazine, Pain Practice, WIP fulfills a need for scholarly, evidenced- based articles written by global experts in the field of pain medicine.

Through the WIP Fellow of Interventional Pain Practice certification program, pain physicians are demonstrating via the competency-based curriculum of rigorous oral,written, and practical examination that pain medicine is a specialized field that warrants dedicated training and recognition to ensure the best practiceof interventional pain medicine and the best outcomes for patients.

Through the Excellence in Pain Practice(EPP) Award for pain centers, WIP is elevating the scope of FIPP certification from an individual quality measurement to a globalstandard of excellence for pain centers. FIPP directors of EPP pain centers and their associates are assuming the roles of mentors and educators in their local regions. Throughthe network of EPP pain centers, global advancements of pain medicine can be optimally achievedin more regions of the world.

The World Instituteof Pain truly brings together the most recognized experts in the field of pain medicine throughout the world for the advancement and standardization of interventional pain practice. Through this guiding mission, physicians collaborating throughout the world are achieving higher standardsof care for pain patients.

 Annual Report WIP 2012 here