A Message from WIP President, Prof. Dr. Giustino Varrassi

Since May 1, 2019, I have the
honor of keeping my tenure as
President of the World Institute
of Pain (WIP). I am conscious of
the tremendous responsibilities
this honor brings and overjoyed
that this position allows me to
continue my life's work of
furthering pain medicine and
the treatment of pain patients. 

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Annual Reports Annual Report 2011
Dear Members and Supporters of WIP,

As a professional society organized for the purpose of bringing people together to promote the best practiceof pain medicine, the aims of WIP are both high and attainable. High, because we have chosen a global forum to channel our goals for excellence in pain medical education, training,and clinical practice. Attainable, becauseas a society, the strength of WIP is in its networkof thousands of physicians worldwide who share our belief that working together we can achieve more to pro- mote standardization and advancements in interventional pain practice.

Through WIP’s global network, real progressis being made through- out the world to advance the standardsand recognition of physician edu- cation and practice in pain medicine.WIP’s multidisciplinary networkof professionals encompasses associate members; full members who have attained the professional status of Fellow of Interventional Pain Practice, many of whom serveas leaders and mentors to current and next generation pain specialists; pain centersof Excellence in Pain Practice; scholars.supporters of WIP pain conferences, workshops, and World Congresses.

Through the WIP Sections, the diffusionof our networking effortsis cultivating at local and international levels the true power of our abilityto serve the pain medicine profession and achieve real outcomesimprove- ments for patientsthroughout the world who suffer dailywith the silent syndromes of chronic or acute pain.

The World Instituteof Pain is a societyof professionals who join hands to fulfill a common purpose of realizing better pain educationfor physicians and betteroutcomes for our pain patients. Together, as physi- cians,brothers, supporters, representatives of industry we can achieve more. Withoutthe contributions of each stakeholder, our societywould not exist.

Thank you for your past, present,and future support.

Best regards,
Ricardo Ruiz-López, MD, FIPP WIP President 2011-2013

 Annual Report WIP 2011 here