A Message from WIP President, Prof. Dr. Giustino Varrassi

Since May 1, 2019, I have the
honor of keeping my tenure as
President of the World Institute
of Pain (WIP). I am conscious of
the tremendous responsibilities
this honor brings and overjoyed
that this position allows me to
continue my life's work of
furthering pain medicine and
the treatment of pain patients. 

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To accomplish the objectives of the WIP, certain activities may be affected more expeditiously by delegating such activity to a committee consisting of members of the WIP alumni.

The President proposes to the Executive Board for approval.
Committee members will serve for two years. The Executive Board may replace a committee member at the end of any year prior to the expiration of their term. 

Each committee shall be composed of a chairman, members, and an ex-officio member of the Executive Board.

An ex-officio member shall serve by virtue of the office held and has the same rights, including a vote, as other committee members.
The committee chairs proposed by the President, approved by the Executive Board, will serve for a two-year term. The Executive Board reserves the right to limit these terms in conditions of lack of efficiency.

Advisory Board

Members TBA

Mission: The Strategic Planning Committee evaluates the direction and developmental possibilities for the WIP. It explores the potential for new educational initiatives, including collaborative projects with other Scientific Societies and with Pain Patient Advocacy Groups. Moreover, it is responsible for cooperation and coordination with Institutions that may benefit pain patients or may foster the advancement of Pain Medicine. To fulfill this mission the Strategic Planning Committee will request support and solicit expert advice from additional ad hoc "Consultants". The Consultants are most frequently WIP Members having experience or expertise in a specific focus area under exploration.


Education Committee

Milan Stojanovic ( – Chairman

Members: TBA

Mission: The Education Committee coordinates educational content across all WIP programs to assure consistent content, uniform teaching and standards for intervention. Consequently, the Committee interacts with the Board of Examination, the Research Committee, and with specific educational initiatives including the content of sponsored and endorsed symposia, publications, and web-based content.


Bylaws Committee

Chair: Serdar Erdine 

Members: TBA

Mission: The Bylaw Committee evaluates and recommends, for the consideration of the Council, amendments to the Bylaws. As the society grows and evolves with the specialty, changes may be required in the Bylaws. It is the responsibility of the Bylaws Committee to ensure these changes remain practical and internally consistent throughout the organization while staying true to the mission upon which the WIP was founded.


Excellence in Pain Practice Project

Chair:  Athena Vadalouca  Co-chair:  Serdar Erdiine

Members: TBA

Mission: The EPP Award Committee establishes criteria for Award levels, coordinates site inspections, and assesses applications from pain centers for EPP designation and maintenance.


Research Committee

Chair: Richard Rauck

Members: TBA

Mission: The Research Committee aims to both foster and coordinate research initiatives within the WIP. As such, the Committee interacts with the Education Committee, EPP Centers, and other parties to further the scientific mission of the WIP.